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Mmm, Vanilla Mints...

Well, I think it's official...I'm losing both my sight and hearing...I swear, I'm finding myself less and less able to comprehend what people say...I apologize to anyone who I've made repeat themselves over and over T_T I've also managed to break my glasses, so that means my vision is quite impaired as well ^_^ Ha ha ha, so yah, partially deaf and blind guy driving...Makes you feel safe on the roads, doesn't it? >_<

Anyways, haven't update for a while...Last few days, I've been going out more...Three outta the last four days in fact...That's like completely unheard of for me previously >_< Ha ha, yah, I know, I never said I was the most exciting person T_T But anyways, the last few days were definately quite enjoyable...Definately would like to hang out more ^_^

As for new news, I got a call from some guy who supposedly runs some e-commerce business type thing...Apparently they're looking for more people to hire on the side to do some work...So he set up a meeting with me for Friday night...Dunno exactly what it is...But I figure it's worth seeing what he has to say...And if it turns out to be a big scam, at least I'll have a good laugh ^_^ Otherwise, it may turn into some extra income which, of course, I definately wouldn't mind ^_^
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