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Ah, My Loyal Battle Monkeys!

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and just knew it wasn't gonna be a good day...So you decide to go back to sleep only to wake up less than an hour later feeling that it'll be even worse than you thought before? >_< Well, today was something like that...I know it's no good to dwell on things that are already in the past...But no matter how much I try not to think about it, it comes back to hit me harder than ever unexpectedly... >_< Oh well, guess I'll just have to deal with it...

Work didn't help much at all today either...Sure it started out alright with a few minor tasks here and there...But then, I had to deal with the task of setting up two Unix machines--running Fedora Core--so that one could mount a folder from the other using NFSv4... >_< Well, me being the Unix newbie that I am, was ecstatic after getting it to work after a few hours of research and work...So I decided to reboot the two machines to make sure that it was all working fine...Only to find out that after rebooting, the folders wouldn't mount anymore >_< So I decided to redo all the settings on both machines...Only for it to still not work... >_< Then I reboot the machines again, and they magically decided to work! >_< So then, of course, not being satisfied with not knowing why it stopped working in the first place, I tried rebooting the machines again, and yet again it worked... @_@ So I tried unmounting and remounting the drive, just to make a final check that it was working...And what do you know...It stopped working... -_- I was quite ready to slam my head against the wall... >_< Which I'm sure the guy working in the same room as me would have found utterly amusing...Or disturbing... @_@ One of the two... >_< Finally, I got a suggestion from Rich to update the kernel for the machines, but by that time, I really didn't feel like doing anything more, so I'll do that tomorrow... >_< Hopefully that will fix the problem...

However, the one saving grace of the day was that...My copy of Makai Kingdom arrived! >_< Oh my gosh...Finally I have something worthwhile to keep my mind occupied in my sleepless nights and mornings... >_< And with that, I leave you with the wise words of the one who is known as Asshat, "You idiot! Who's the overlord now, bitch!?"
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