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Zzzzz.... x_x

Well, I think the lack of sleep is finally starting to get to me...Hallucinations and blurry vision...Well, blurrier than usual anyways...I think these are just signs that I need more sleep... T_T

Anyways, work is slowly moving along now...It's still a bit dull considering there really aren't that many requests for technical support at the moment, but everything's progressing...I still wish the hours started and ended an hour or two earlier though... T_T

After work, I went out to get some sushi with Randy, Joe and Lita which was fun...It was quite crowded at the Sushi House as usual, but it was worth the wait as the food was great @_@ Which is made even better by the fact that it was my first meal in about 20 hours...On the downside, I'd have to say that I was probably acting quite dull since, as I mentioned before, I was quite out of it...And I'm pretty sure that, despite what Lita may have said, I think that I frightened her with my "nearly-crash-into-oncoming-car-and-making-last-second-sharp-turns" style driving... @_@ Yes...You have not experienced fear until you have ridden in the car while I drive, ha ha ha @_@ Anyways, it was quite fun...At least to me anyways... @_@ But now, I believe it is time for me to make my futile attempt at sleeping...Which probably will just end up being another 2 hour nap T_T
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