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Ready to Hibernate @_@

Ugh, well, first week of classes is finally through for me...And being that I've waken up around 5:30AM for the last 4 days...Which is about an hour or so earlier than I normally wake up...I'm rather tired. @_@ Today was even more tiring since I was at school from 7:45 in the morning til 4 in the afternoon...With only an hour break at lunch, which of course, I ended up spending in line to buy a book instead of actually eating. -_-

Anyways, classes this semester surrprisingly aren't all that bad...I'd say that the worse part is just that there's so much written homework that I have to do...And I always tend to leave all of it til the last minute. >_< Ha ha, isn't procrastination great? Left me with 3 math assignments, an econ assignment and a bio assignment to do yesterday. @_@ On the bright side, the lectures are actually pretty decent although I still think they're going a bit slow, but I guess it's already to be expected at a JC. -_-

One thing that worries me though, is how drop-dead-tired I feel right now...This is just after one week... @_@ I don't even want to imagine how it's gonna be after a couple of weeks like this...And I don't wanna imagine how it would be like if I actually did get a job, even though it is unavoidable. @_@ As for now, I'm just glad that I have tomorrow off. T_T This means major sleeping in...Hopefully... @_@

On yet another note, apparently, yet again, I've run outta hard drive space... -_- Just recently, I had burned enough stuff to free up about 25GB of space...However, now I'm back down to about 5GB free between my 22 partitions...That means I've used up 975GB... -_- Kinda makes me wish they'd hurry up and come out with those multi-terabyte hard drives. >_< Although I guess even if it was made available in retail, I wouldn't be able to afford one. T_T

Anyways, I suppose that's it for now. @_@
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