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Wow, it's been quite a while since I posted an actual update, but with the new semester starting tomorrow, I figured I'd put something up.

Anyways, I guess I'll start out with my schedule, which is:

7:45-8:50 ~ Calculus I
9:00-10:15 ~ Cultural Geography
10:30-11:45 ~ Intro to Music

7:45-8:50 ~ Calculus I
9:00-10:15 ~ Principles of Microeconomics
10:30-11:45 ~ Intro to Biology

1:15-4:05 ~ Bio Lab

That's 18 units of non-major classes. T_T Luckily, Calc, Econ, and Bio shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm more worried about Music and Geography, since from the description, looks like I'll have to do some writing and analysis...Which never was a favorite thing for me to do...I'm still kinda dreading having to sit through 3 classes in a row, since I was dying through having to sit through 2 classes in a row last semester, but hopefully, the teachers from this semester won't be as angering making it a little more tolerable.

Looking on the bright side, I basically only have morning classes everyday, so all my afternoons other than Thursday will be free. No classes on Friday, so it's like a 3 day weekend every week. >_< This should allow me a good schedule to try to work in a job. @_@ Now if only I could get that job at Best Buy, but I guess I'll start applying to other places closer to my place soon. One thing's definately for sure though...A steady monetary income is definately needed. @_@ Too much stuff coming out soon...Isolation...Phantom Brave...Star Ocean 3...Gah, why must all the good releases always bunch up together. T_T

Other than that, I gotta start worrying about my transfer stuff. -_- I know I'm definately way behind on my math courses (due to full classes, and placement test issues). Hopefully, I can talk to my counselor and we can come up with some plan to let me transfer to UCB this following year. @_@ Heck, I'm willing to take multiple sequential math courses next semester if needed and allowed. >_< All I know is that I wanna get out of that JC and get on with my more challenging major courses. T_T Can't wait til I can take the upper division CS courses...And hopefully some AI courses too. ^_^

Anyways, I suppose that's all for now, hopefully I'll get over my laziness and update a little more often from now on. @_@
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