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I would like to take this time to express the pure hatred I hold towards anything and everything that has to do with my JC...Especially the ones I have my computer classes with. I swear, I have never met idiots that annoy me more than the ones I have classes with...I never thought that I would meet people in this world lazier than me...But these people will do anything in their power to make sure that the class makes as little progress as possible...They ask stupid questions about whatever the teacher just spent the last half of the class thoroughly explaining...They are willing to argue for a point which has already been proven wrong...And they argue against points which are correct...The worst part is, the idiot of a teacher happily goes along with their idiocy. >_< He is actually happy to spend the remaining half of the class re-explaining what he had just spent the previous half of the class explaining... >_< He is willing to slow down the already sloth-like pace of the class even further in order to further prove why something is wrong or why something is correct when he had already shown it quite clearly...This is not even mentioning another teacher I have that doesn't even know the subject she's teaching...She openly stated in class, "I'm learning all this stuff right with you guys..." -_- True, I never expected JC standards to be very high...But heck, I expected it to be at least higher than what I'm seeing now. @_@

Anyways, yah...Rather bad...It's getting to the point of just thinking about class angers me and gives me a headache... -_- I can't wait til Spring Break... -_-
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