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These past few days have led to quite a few things for me to reflect upon. I don't know if I'm just over-analyzing things like I've been told a few times before, or if I've just not been observant enough to notice before...But yes, in my opinion, things aren't looking the best at the moment...This, of course, in no way means I'm ready to give up though ^_^ If only things were that easy... T_T

On another note, I went to my cousin's wedding yesterday at an air force base...It was the biggest wedding I've been to yet @_@ I'd probably estimate between 350-400 people there. It was quite a large gathering @_@ Despite a few minor technical/service issues, I'd say that the wedding went pretty well...I ended up sitting at a table with my brother, a cousin, and 5 cousin's of my cousin who was getting married who I met for the first time yesterday. Of course, best part of the night was the free drinks, ha ha ha >_< But yah, it was a fun night, although near the end, I was dead tired...Seeing such a happy newly-wed couple kind of makes you feel kind of envious, but yah, I know I'm nowhere near even close to that point in my life yet, ha ha ha ^_^

Anyways, yah, this weekend just seemed way too short... T_T Monday's come around again and it's the beginning of another work week... T_T On the bright side, I suppose it's another pay week so I can look forward to having some cash again @_@ But yah, that probably won't last long either T_T It never does... T_T
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