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Oh My God @_@ Update?

Well, it seems that I haven't posted here in quite a long time...Heh, well, when my first post for the year apparently comes in July, it's definately been a while...Anyways, I suppose an update is in order...Although I don't plan on updating 7 months worth of info @_@

I suppose I'll start with AX, which was now a week ago...Just as every other AX I've been to, I wish I had more money to spend T_T I almost spent all my money entirely on Bleach merchandise alone, ha ha @_@ Other than that, the Kotoko concert was awesome. We got seats in the 9th row in the center section, and although we had better seats last year at the Yoko Ishida concert, I suppose the seats we got weren't too bad either...At the least, it could have been much worse, ha ha @_@ Although the people in front of us kept on standing up which was kinda annoying, but eh, it was still fun ^_^ The AMV's this year were pretty cool. I think for the first time in all the AMV competitions I've attended, I actually had a difficult decision deciding what the best AMV was...Well, at least for the comedy genre anyways...Other than that, AX was pretty much just waiting in line...The line to picking up badges...The line to the panels...The line to the concert...The line to the dealer's room...The line to get in line... @_@ Ha ha, yah, that was just bad...Oh and I was also disappointed that I wasn't able to attend the Maaya Sakamoto concert...But by the day the concert was supposed to be, I had gotten so tired of standing in line, that I didn't want to stand in two more lines for getting tickets and actually going to the concert... >_<

Anyways, that was AX...Since I've gotten back from AX, I've averaged about 2 hours sleep nightly... @_@ Which kinda leaves me quite tired now...Doesn't help that I now go to work full time from 9 to 6 at a startup company in Fremont, where I'm programming various payment oriented things and also handling some technical support...The hours aren't bad, but I kinda wish they were earlier considering I'm awake by 5 every morning anyways... @_@ I'm still a bit unsure of whether the stuff I'm doing is up to par, but I'm sure they won't hesitate to tell me if I've screwed up somehow, sooo, hopefully at the least this will give me some monetary income... @_@ Especially since I'm now completely broke after AX, ha ha ha @_@
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